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May 10, 2017

Pre wedding prep is the key to beautiful skin on your wedding day. This November Sammy from Willow Tree Beauty Lounge is getting married and  would love to share her top pre-wedding prep with you for flawless skin for your wedding day and tips on how to take care of your total body Wellness.


 (Me and my future husband)



If your like me then you have probably thought a lot about how you want to look on your wedding day. I have about Three Pintrest boards going at the moment all of different looks of what I want for my hair and makeup but what a lot of Brides don’t realise is that your wedding preparations are more then just pinning a bunch of images its about getting real with yourself well in advance as to how you want to look and feel when the Big Day Arrives.


So It's 6 months until the Wedding what am I doing?

Now is the time to begin focusing on overall health and well-being. I know as a Therapist that my skin is telling me a story of what’s going on from within, Its appearance in fact can tell me the state of my internal body systems and at the moment I know I’m a little stressed about my guest list and sending out invites, its really is easy to get caught up in all of your wedding planning and that can turn into unnecessary stress and overwhelm leaving both your mental and physical state looking a little shabby! So now is the time to nip that in the butt, focus on me and my overall wellbeing.



·       If you’re not on natural supplements then now is the time to introduce them, it really doesn’t matter how good your diet is, unless you grow and harvest all your own food its impossible to know if you are really getting the nutrients that your body requires and that’s due to over farming that has lead to poor nutrients in our soil. So I like to add a few supplements to my diet to ensure that my skin is reflecting how I feel on the inside. Something you might like to try is the The Beauty Chef inner beauty range to help keep your hair, skin, and nails healthy it also contains pre & probiotics to ensure that your gut is nice and Happy!


·       Self Love, Destress and Move your body: Consider starting an exercise routine even if you don't want to lose weight. I love walking my Puppy every morning by exercising it releases serotonin the feel good hormone it will help me beat wedding planning stress allow me some much needed time out away from my phone. Taking some time out for yourself is a non negotiable for me even if its just my walk or some self love like reading a book, meditating, diffusing essential oils or even going for a massage. Managing stress levels early will help lower your chance of adrenal fatigue in the lead up to your wedding day.


·       Organise a consultation with your skin therapist. Don’t leave your skin until the month before your wedding it needs time just like your body to be “trained” for the Wedding Glow.
organise an appointment with your skin therapist chat to them about where you want your skin to be by the wedding day, your therapist will be able to give you a realistic idea of what will be achievable and what you will need to do both at home and in salon to reach your skin care goal!
Remember with any clinical treatments when looking at a mix of treatments such as our Skinstitut Peels, L.E.D Light Therapy, Microderm, I.P.L for skin Rejuv and Pigmentation it can take around 6-8 sessions to get to a desired result!


. Start a healthy skincare routine. If your not on skin care then you should will be after chatting with your skin therapist. I’m a big believer that if your not using skin care that its important to begin with a few basic products such as skinstitut gentle cleanse, Multiactive mist, and moisture defence. If you have oily skin, try an oil-free moisturizer such as moisture defence for oily skin. Exfoliate your skin once a week with enzymatic micro peel to get rid of dead skin cells and eliminate dullness in your complexion. Your therapist will also be able to chat to you about any other additional recommendations to ensure that your skin is in perfect condition prior to your wedding day.
If you love Natural Skin care opt for something like Skin Juice, products such as Pure Eden Cleanser, Bio Juice, Facial in a Jar, Green Juice and Sun Juice tinted SPF.


·      Considering Cosmetic Injectables? Book a consult and chat about what treatments you need in the lead up to the wedding day. Botox will typically last 3months, Filler 6-12months.


Biggest Tip: Book all of your Hair & Beauty Treatments now so that you know your schedule and have no last minute FREAK OUTS! Remember you can always alter appointments if necessary but you definitely don’t want to miss out on an appointment by not being organized!


3 Months Before the Wedding its time for a Test Run. (no actual running required ha ha)

If your using a makeup artist and having a spray tan now is the time to catch up for your trial run.

Spray Tanning:
The secret to the perfect Tan is to exfoliate the day prior and  to ensure that your tan is light and natural so it’s a slight enhancement rather than being overly obvious. I like a Bondi Sands spray tan in Dark and leaving it for only 2 hours prior to showering. Your photographer will also thank you for having a natural glow!

Makeup Trial:

When pinning makeup looks try to look for women with similar features to you, eye colour, skin colour and hair colour this will give you a more realistic feel to what your makeup artist may be able to recreate for you. Trials are important to give you a test run and a feel of the makeup so that no issues arise on the day. It also gives you the chance to make sure you are happy with the look you want. I recommend having your trial on the same day as your hair that way you can go out and make the most of the how beautiful you feel and look!


·       Lashes: I’m not a Fan of Eyelash extensions and personally as a makeup artist I will be opting for Falsies they photograph much better. But if you are thinking of having them done for your wedding make sure you test them out, get a trial done now to ensure that you don’t have a reaction and that you actually like the look and feel!




4-6 weeks - Before the Wedding

The countdown has begun! Only 4-6 weeks until you transition from a Miss to a Mrs!

·       Hopefully you were well organized and planned your appointments ahead so that you know that now is you last opportunity to wax if you want to be silky and smooth on your wedding day and Honey moon.

·       Smile Check! Do you need Teeth Whitening? Make sure you have an appointment with a professional or using an at-home kit. There's no substitute for glistening white teeth in wedding photos! (Willow Tree Beauty Lounge offers cosmetic teeth whitening for $195)

·       Steer clear of any new skincare regimens. By now, you've perfected your skincare routine with your skin therapist and would have a very clear understanding of what you need to do prior to the big day!

·       If there are any stubborn or hormonal breakouts look at a few sessions of Blue L.E.D Light Therapy to heal and repair your skin.


1 Week Before the Wedding

You're almost there! Breathe and take some time out for you!

·       Confirm the final details of your makeup your makeup artist and hair dresser if you haven’t already. Do you need a Lipstick for you or your bridesmaids?  Gather any supplies you'll need to take with you on the big day.

·       Have any facial and body hair removal services done a few days before the wedding. This gives your skin time to heal and will avoid any issues with your makeup not sticking!

·       Are you feeling a tingle? I don’t suffer from cold sores but I know that this is the last thing you need, pop in to your local chemist and have a chat about what is best for you and book yourself in for a Blue Light L.E.D Light Therapy Session.

·       As I said previously I’m not a Fan of Eyelash extensions and personally as a makeup artist I will be opting for Falsies as they photograph much better. But if you are thinking of having them done for your wedding ensure you get a nice fresh set done the week of your wedding so that they last long into your honeymoon.

·       Exfoliate and get a professional spray tan a day or two prior to your wedding day.

·       Have your nails and toenails done. Shellac manicures and pedicures last longer, and will ensure your nails look stunning through the honeymoon.

·       Stay hydrated keep your water bottle on you. A parched body means parched, dry skin. Try adding a capful of Hydration booster by The Beauty Chef to a glass of water for that extra electrolyte boost!

·       If you get the opportunity, go for a massage to relax those pre-wedding nerves!

.   Eat a healthy dinner the Night before the wedding that won't leave you bloated. If you have food sensitivities, steer clear of any problem foods.

.   Take off all your makeup before you go to bed, no matter how tired you are after your rehearsal dinner- growing a pimple overnight due to clogged pores is an absolute nightmare for anyone, but especially a bride who’s made such an effort for the past six months to ensure she looks her best!

.   Go to bed early. Even though you may have trouble sleeping, I like to have a cup of warm almond milk with a scoop of The Beauty Chef SLEEP Powder an hour before bed to calm and relax my nervous system.

.   Do something relaxing with your bridesmaids, when you get back from rehearsal watch girly movies and take time to rest. If you haven’t had your toenails professionally done do each others.


Most of all trust your Gut do and know what’s right for you. Choose things that matter most to you and remember that everyone has different budgets. What is right for one isn’t necessary right for all. Have fun its your time to shine, take it all in and remember that your Wedding Day is all about you and your husband and the love you have for one another rain, hail or shine!





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