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March 6, 2017



On Thursday, I set out on an adventure not really sure what to expect but all I knew was  that I was given a beautiful 30th Birthday Gift and I was going to Seven Sisters Festival (7SF) in Mt Martha with my Bestie Sami. Three nights Glamping in a bell tent and we were going to be surrounded by hundreds of other Women.


On Thursday morning I packed my car and headed on my journey to 7SF. Apprehensive at first with having to spend so much time in the car with my own thoughts and the panic of "Where the hell am I going." The drive was filled with phone calls, music and overdosing on Essential Oils to calm my nervous system. (Balance to Ground me, Wild Orange to uplift me and keep me awake and focused and Easy Air to open my airways)


4.5hours later I arrived at 7SF I had made it though all the chaos of the City and swore to myself I would never drive that way again. I then drove in and was waiting in line to enter the beginning of my new beginning. T(he Photo above was taken as I entered the Camp Zone and I just had to take a Snap it really was a moment to appreciate that this was the beginning of my journey here as it greeted me with a "Welcome Home".) After a bit of driving around I finally found where I needed to park. I went and put all my belongings in the tent I would be sharing with my bestie when she arrived. 

I decided to go and do a bit of exploring so that I could get my baring’s and walked around looking at all the market stalls that would be open. I found a little caravan selling Chai and decided to grab one and head over to the Chai Tent and Listen to some music by the beautiful Melody Moon. The smell of paella came though the air so I ventured over to get myself some dinner then sat back down to enjoy a little bit more music before heading to bed and waiting for Sami to arrive.


The Sun rose the the birds where Chirping it was 6:30am and I was laying in our tent snuggled into the comfort of my single bed and blankets. The shower block was behind us and sounded quiet so I decided to wake Sami and make our way over to the showers before the morning rush. We headed over to grab a warm drink from the Brew Sisters, I enjoyed a almond latte while sami opted for a delicious Chai as we made our way around the festival, I guided Sami around showing her what I had seen so far. We decided to sit down and look at what workshops we had planned for the weeknd and what things we couldn’t miss. A Tarot Card Reading would begin our day followed by Jewerlley making and a workshop on "Birth Today" held by Rhea Dempsy & Jane Hardwicke Collings. It was truly eye opening to hear stories and celebrate The Mumma’s & The Mumma’s to be.

Next I attended a Yoni Craft Workshop which was amazing and something I had never done before.

Friday Night concluded with the Opening/ Smoking Ceremony and Dinner and an early night in to soak in all the teachings of the day.


Saturday Morning began with Sound Alchemy Meditation 1.5hours of beautiful soundful bliss. Followed my warm Chai’s and conversations of our experiences during the mediation and planning of what was next for the day. 

Healing The Sisterhood Wound with Mary Soderiou. WOWEE this was a truly moving experience 1.5hours of pushing though feelings of “what makes you scared” How you judge other women, how to forgive and how to exchange love. If you ever get the chance to attend one of  Mary Soderiou workshops I highly recommend.

Lunch break followed by Minmia’s Rebirthing Ceremony was truly fascinating. After this we decided to Relax have some quiet time and a light dinner.

These are just some of the marvelous things that that we attended during our time at 7SF and truly some amazing lessons learnt. To feel like you can truly be in your own body without judgment is truly a beautiful gift to give to yourself. I must say my drive home was truly lovely with my own company compared to my drive down no phone calls needed!

I have created a 7 Sisters Goddess Ritual for anyone who would love to take on some of the marvelous energy of the weekend all you need to do is follow the steps below.


STEP ONE: Creating the Goddess Oil Blend

What you will need:
10ml Carrier Oil
1 drop of each Essential Oil ( I use and recommend DoTerra Essential Oils)
Juniper Berry- The Oil of the Night
Geranium – The oil of Love and Lust
Ylang Ylang- The oil of the Inner Child
Grapefruit- The oil of Honoring the Body
Bergamot- The oil of Self Acceptance

  • If you would like to make a mist just replace the oil with filtered water and work on a 1:2 dilution ratio.

    STEP TWO: Infusing the oil with an Intention/ Mantra 

Calling on the Goddess energy 
We are sisters on a journey,

Singing now as one,

Remembering the Ancient Ways,

The women and the wisdom,

The women and the wisdom.

We are sisters on a journey,

Singing in the sun,

Singing through the darkest night,

The healing has begun, begun;

The healing has begun.


Now taking you Goddess Oil working from your toes up your legs, thighs, bum, belly, chest arms neck and so forth, tell your body thank you and how much you love her. Notice any feelings as you do this once you have finished this ritual take your hands to your heart centre and Thank the goddess divine for this beautiful loving feminine energy.


Thank you for reading and if you would like to purchase any Certified Pure Essential Oils
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Much Love Beautiful Goddesses, Sammy. 


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