You don't have to be a Bride to enjoy this!




With Wedding Season fast approaching whether your a Bride or a Guest that has a list full of Events ahead of you, the change in seasons can really impact on your skin.  Its important that we take care of our Skin both Internally and Externally.


Working Holistically at Willow Tree Beauty Lounge, It only seems fitting to let you know that now is the time to prepare we have included some Top Tips from the Beauty Chef for our Brides but we understand that you don't have to be a bride to want perfect skin, So grab yourself a Cuppa and have a read of these top tips to help your skin this Spring/ Summer!



The Beauty Chef’s Tips for the Bride:
                                             Or you don't have to Be to enjoy this!


1. Reduce or ideally eliminate unhealthy carbohydrates and sugar and alcohol. Eat lots of anti-inflammatory foods like dark green leafy veggies, berries and foods rich in your omega 3's (moisturise and smooth the skin from the inside) - flaxseeds, salmon, sardines, chia seeds. Inflammation causes all sorts of skin problems, dryness, pimples, loss of skin tone (inflammation breaks down collagen).


2. If you want to do a thorough cleanse, you can start cleansing with lots of green juices and liver herbs and foods (such as milk thistle, burdock, broccoli sprouts) (or The Beauty Chef Cleanse Inner Beauty Powder) a month or two before. The cleansing reaction for most people should only last one month, however for some it lasts longer. So the rule would be to stop cleansing at least 1-2 weeks before the holiday or big event. That way you get the benefits without the blemishes!


3. Eat fermented food such as sauerkraut and The Beauty Chef GLOW Inner Beauty Powder. You can consume them right up to the wedding and beyond. Lacto-Fermented foods are excellent for improving digestion and bloating as they contain probiotics. Improving digestion is one of the best things you can do to maintain a healthy weight and healthy skinglow! Lacto-fermented foods – boost immunity, help your body make detoxifying enzymes, make nutrients,

metabolise hormones, improve digestion, feed your body probiotics that help clean out your system.


4. Daily Dry Body Brushing: Helps to kickstart the lymphatic system and keep the skin lovely and smooth. Start as soon as possible.

Other tips include: Drinking lemon juice and/or apple cider vinegar in water in the morning, this plus eating your lacto fermented foods help to balance and stimulate digestion - helps clarify the skin and eyes;

Eat antioxidant rich foods such as berries; berries are rich in ellagic acid and anthocyanins; help protect collagen and micro-vessels from damage.

Eat mineral rich foods: silica found in oats (make sure you soak your oats before eating them to help make them easier on digestive system), green beans, kelp, buckwheat, brown rice (soak) chickpeas etc is important for skin elasticity, zinc is super important for skin health; especially if the bride is prone to acne or super oily skin; zinc is anti-inflammatory, good for repairing and building the skin and found in foods such as shell fish (oysters) and pepitas (soak them though to make zinc more bio- available).

Vitamin C important for collagen production and skin dryness - broccoli, green leafy veggies, berries, peppers, kiwi fruit, papaya.

Vitamin A helps rid the skin of dead skin cells. It smoothes the skin and is especially helpful if you have rough dry skin. Foods rich in Vitamin A include sweet potatoes, carrots, dark green leafy veggies. Drink lots of clean water – super important to keep the skin hydrated, aids metabolism, cleans out the system, and cleans the skin.

Green tea is also fantastic as well as dandelion tea. Green tea is rich in skin boosting antioxidants and is anti- inflammatory and dandelion is a great skin cleanser.


Topically, start using coconut oil as a body cleanser to keep your skin hydrated and moisturised. In the shower, simply massage coconut oil into the skin and use a flannel to remove the oil. Oil makes a brilliant cleanser. Coconut oil is rich in lauric acid, which is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. It is rich in fatty acids, which keep the skin feeling lovely and hydrated and soft. Be careful as it makes the shower recess very slippery!


Other TIPS FROM WILLOW TREE BEAUTY using Essential Oils!


1) We Recommend that if you have sensitive teeth to switch out the Lemon Juice for a drop of doTERRA Lemon Essential Oil as this is from the rind of the Lemon its safe on teeth enamel. Fun Fact: 0ne drop of Lemon Essential Oil is equivalent to about 20 lemons!


2) Add a couple drops of doTERRA Grapefruit Essential oil to a Fractionated Coconut oil, its less slippery and easily absorbs into the skin, but when you combine the benefits of Dry Body Brushing, Grapefruit Essential oil you will dramatically reduce Cellulite.



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