June 4, 2016

For such a long time now I have dreamt of going to Byron Bay, Oh how beautiful would it feel to be true to myself without the judgment of others and my hippy ways. So at the beginning of April I booked two tickets one for myself and one for my soul sister Ky (she had been working her bum off and needed a holiday and I knew she wouldn't take the time off, so I figured if I booked the flights she couldn't back out!)

On Sunday 22nd of May we jumped in the car like two little kids excited and ready for our adventure. We arrived at  Melbourne Airport and knew there was no turning back now. "Finally were going to Byron Bay!" 


The two doTERRA Essentials  of my life!




When we arrived at Bellina Airport we walked off the plane and the sun kissed our skin, I already felt relaxed....ahh the warmth! We then proceeded to pick up our hire car as we knew we had many adventures ahead of us. We set off on the road listening to 'Jack Johnson' though spotify practically bouncing off our seats eager to get to our accomodation in Byron. As we approached Byron Bay were greeted by a sign that read.....



 Ok we oblige!  We made our way to our 'Hippy Hut' at First Sun Holiday Park, "oh my!" what a cute spot to stay and so central, you can walk everywhere.


 Outside our hippy hut (deck & outdoor kitchen)

 Inside our hippy hut (lounge, bedroom & bathroom)

 Incense to welcome us from the Park!


Where to go? We decided to head down to the beach for a little walk on our way to dinner. WOW! the beach was stunning the Sun was beginning to set and there was Music in the air we decided to head up to the park, sit down and listen to to beautiful music and voice of "Garrett Kato" (Check him out on iTUNES)  taking in a moment before we headed off to find somewhere yummy to eat for Dinner. For Dinner we went to a cute cafe called Byron Fresh ( we visited a few times for there yummy chai/ dandy lattes')  then it was time for bed!




We woke at 6:30am ready to start the day we began with a morning walk followed by a meditation for me while Ky had some fun with some yoga.
For breakfast we went to Naked Treaties the food was divine, for someone like me having a gluten & dairy intolerance it can be so hard to eat out especially when you crave something for breakfast thats sweet like pancakes. I was so thrilled when we arrived as everything on here menu was GF,DF, VEGAN. Ky & I where in heaven!


Buckwheat Pancakes with raw nutella and banana- Avo and vegan-mite on sprouted bread - chai turmeric lattes.



After breakfast we thought we better get our bearings and decided to walk around town and see what was round. We decided to treat ourselves to a Pedicure and a Massage and both where = great. 

Some of the lovely creative work of the locals at the beach!

Tuesday: We woke up again nice and early repeated the same steps as we did Monday morning. Morning beach walks, meditations & yoga before heading to breakfast, today we went to a cafe called FOLK as were heading out of town today to check out the Crystal Castle in Mullumbimby.
The food at FOLK was really yummy. Ky and I treated ourselves to a Breakfast Bowl and a warm drink a Matcha Latte for me and a Dandy Chai for Ky! The Quinoa bread here was by far the best that I've ever had in my life that I actually asked the chef where they brought it and how she cooked it! She let me in on the secret was to that they actually toast the bread first then fry it its a little olive oil in a pan.


Exploring the Gardens and feeling the beautiful energy of the crystals was amazing. We arrived just in time to join in on a group Chakra Meditation which was really great, when then had small break before returning for the peace mediation and walk, which was such a moving thing to do. I'm not embarrassed to say that it actually moved me so much that I wept like a baby for a while afterwards until I got myself back together again.



WEDNESDAY:Same morning ritual followed by breakfast at BAYLEAF yum yum! (I think we spent most of our money at Bayleaf & Naked Treaties) We fuelled up for the day before heading to Minyan Falls for our Two Hour Hike there and back. This is defiantly worth the walk the water fall, there wasn't much water this time of year but it was still incredible as was the walk though the forrest. If you have seen Fern Gully as a child then you would love the walk as it seemed so magical. (I was waiting to see a little fairy sitting on some fungi growing off the trees.....). After our long a beautiful walk we headed back to byron and stopped in at THE FARM for a glass of wine & a yummy platter made just for us and our food intolerances  before heading up to the Byron Bay Light House to watch the sunset (yes we clocked up some walking km that day!)

 My absolute favourite warm drink in the whole world "Chilli Chai Latte"

 Cold Drip Coffee mmmm.....

Coconut Quinoa Porridge with poached pear and cashew butter.