November 21, 2015

We all like to overindulge from time to time and with the silly season upon us, chances are you'll be out drinking more often than not in the coming weeks! While 'everything in moderation' is always a good motto, there are five practical measures you can implement right now to keep you on the healthy straight and narrow...

1. Drink plenty of filtered water. Not only will you look and feel better, but the more hydrated you are generally, the less you will feel the dehydrating effects of all the extra alcohol and caffeine you'll be consuming during the next few weeks. On the nights that you are drinking, make sure you are well hydrated before you go out and ensure you match drink-for-drink a glass of water for every glass of alcohol. Follow this simple rule you will be glad that you did the next day and your skin will thank you.

2. Make healthy food choices. This applies not only to all those canapés and dinner-party meals but also to your breakfasts and lunches, too. If you stick to eating cleansing and nourishing foods for most of your meals, it will help to negate some of the damage caused by over-indulging. Now that the weather is warmer, try a green smoothie for breakfast and add more cleansing vegies into your diet, to assist the body's natural detoxifying process, plus give your body a super-alkalising boost. At The Beauty Chef headquarters, we love to throw cucumber, spinach, celery, a small lemon (peeled), half an avocado, 2 tbsp coconut, handful of seeds/nuts, 1 scoop BODY, mint, ice cubes and filtered water (enough to achieve the consistency that you desire) into a blender and liquefy until smooth.

3. Avoid alcohol on the nights you are staying in - save up your drinking for the nights you're actually going out to give your body a break in between 'events'. And always eat before you go out drinking. 

4. Eat more antioxidants. Boost your daily intake to help mop up the toxins and free radicals created from sun exposure, alcohol intake, fatty fried foods (a finger-food staple at most parties) and late nights. Brightly coloured fruits and vegetables, spices, green tea and wholefoods are rich in skin and health protective plant nutrients. Consume a variety of wholefoods in one meal as they have a better protective effect when consumed together. For example the anti-oxidants in tomatoes are oil soluble, so eating them with oil rich avocados, helps boost their protective benefits. Antioxidant rich foods also help boost your body's natural SPF as we spend more time alfresco in the warmer months; helping to mitigate some of the damage caused by UV rays.

5. Ramp up your Inner Beauty Powder intake. Prevention is better than cure and if you take a spoon of BODY, GLOW or CLEANSE on a daily basis rather than saving it for the overindulgence aftermath, you'll be supporting your skin, health and liver on a daily basis rather than trying to undo a load of damage. My top tip? Take a dose of any Inner Beauty Powder before you go out - not only will it help boost gut health, but it will also help protect it from damage, too. For even better results, mix a scoop of BODY and GLOW together, as the protein from BODY will help balance your blood-sugar levels and prevent you from feeling the effect of the alcohol so quickly as well as help combat glycation - sustained high blood sugar levels that damage collagen, the stuff that keeps our skin lovely, firm and bouncy! 


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