Well this is a first- The raw truth about My Tree!

October 27, 2015

First of all I just wanted to share a warm Welcome to those who have taken the time to read my very first blog, I thought I would begin by introducing myself I am Samantha Morgan better known as 'Sammy' the creator of Willow Tree Beauty Lounge. Creating this Dream business for myself and for you has been an ever evolving process and all begain the day a seed was planted ( Yes, I will use Tree terms when I talk about my business after all it only make sense right?!?)  Lets get back to planting the seed; One day I woke up after feeling really crappy about where my life was going, my personal & work life sucked, I didnt know what I  was doing anymore, why was I a beauty therapist or why I somehow eneded up back home in Echuca, living with my parents after a terrible relationship breakup.

I honeslty didnt know what I was doing, but I knew Echuca had called me home for a reason. I'm not sure if it is the River, the flowing of the water makes me feel that things are always moving here, there is always a great energy by the river, especially during the Summer when people travel from all over come to visit this magical town and enjoy all that it has to offer.

One aftrnoon I had booked an appointment with my hair dresser and I was chatting away to her about what I was going though with my life as we all do and  she suggested that maybe it was time I starterd working for myslef. What! me? Me work for myself? Open up a salon? Thats what dreams are made of ha as if!  But then she stood there and looked at my face and something inside me said "Sam you could totally do this!"

Ok so where would I start this business? was one of my questions I asked she said here! I'll chat to my bosses and see if they will rent you a spare room . So sure enough a couple days later I had a meeting with her Bosses and they offered me the oppotuinity to start working for myself, I would have to start from scratch build a clientelle, buy everything to set up my business and I guess just see what happens. I was lucky enough at the time that I had some savings and  my parents could give my a small loan to get me going. So I in a matter of a month I had everything orgainised suppliers, products and equipment but no business name.... no business name....... what will I call this business?

I sat there at my kitchen bench and thought " Universe give me a sign" I could hear in the background a reporter on the TV talking to someone and they said something about "Willow Tree Street" hmmm Willow Tree what does that mean?  a quick google search and I had found this amazing quote "A Willow Tree teaches us this lesson to keep growing and reaching higher no matter where you are planted." and that was exactly what I planned to do.

From small beginings starting out in a small beauty room in a hairdressers, I trasformed my business and continued to grow at such a rate that I needed more space. The universe heard my call and within a few weeks I had moved my business across the road from where I had started out and my first staff member joined my team.  Four years later we still continue to grow, I have 3 fantastic staff members working for me in my dream business and we are all growing together and learning each and everyday.


Willow Tree Beauty Lounge will be a forever evolving business that will continue to change and adapt to

our clients needs and we hope that you enjoy the journey with us as much as we love experiencing the journey with you!


Take time for you, dream big, enjoy this space and learn along the way


-Sammy xx




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